School Outreach


pre-school + k5 impact

The harsh truth about education is no education system is created equal. Some may have a plethora of a supply others completely lack. Impact Jamaica will work towards lessening that disparity by providing items such as binders, notebooks, pencils, teaching materials and even computers. In addition, a mentor-mentee program will be available for students to receive. Despite their young age, we intend to cultivate the children’s minds, improve their educational resources and life circumstances. After all, this is a pinnacle part of their lives.

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elementary + jr. high impact

Impact Jamaica understands middle-schooled age children go through extremely different struggles than those in pre-k such as peer pressure and identity issues. Assistance with school work, interaction during school recess, and the mentor-mentee program will be available for this age group as well. School supplies, teaching supplies and general necessities are need for this generation as well.


school sports impact

Athletics amongst all ages, genders, and ethnicities have been proven to increase strength and stamina, improve heart and lung health, build skills regarding team work and reduce stress levels. In this program, we plan to provide young boys and girls proper equipment and attire in order to help children receive the maximum benefits physical activity has to offer. To be a pillar of support, we will attend some scheduled games.