Impact Jamaica is an organization rooted in helping the people living in Jamaica by way of service, love and donations. Our Mission is to impact the communities of Jamaica in a life changing way.



There is an impactful collision when Jamaica and Impact Jamaica meet. The combustion consists of passion, vibe, rhythm, energy, resilience, beauty, caring with a continuous spark of love. Small gestures can have a big impact. A simple action lingers in the mind and defines an experience in our memory. Impact Jamaica holster the ability to bring quality resources to improve the natives overall quality of life. To adequately accomplish this mission, we ask for your heart-felt donation. With your assistance the elderly may have essential items, the displaced individual a healthy meal, and the youth adequate academic tools. Impact Jamaica aims for our outreach to cultivate, inspire and massively impact the people of Jamaica.



Giving fuels Impact! Giving is a gesture guided by compassion, with an abundance of blessings that flows relentlessly. What we may not always be grateful for, can be the primary thought of another. Food, running water, clean clothes, or purchasing a book bag comes easily to some people. Giving doesn’t always mean money. Impact Jamaica accepts all donations: New school supplies, New clothes, New shoes, Nursing home items, office supplies, team sports supplies, computers or gently used items to name a few. Impact Jamaica values your donation. A giving spirit is contagious but a grateful receiver can leave you compelled. For more information on how to send items & the specific needs of Jamaica, please click the link below. We appreciate your meaningful contribution.



If you are searching for meaning, consider volunteering your services with Impact Jamaica. Our organization offers a unique perspective for the purpose of human connection with a parallel perception of emotional redefinement. As you choose to volunteer, you grow to understand your position not only in life, but amongst others. You may find your calling through acts of genuine service. Partnering with us will leave you with impressionable, life changing and indescribable moments you will cherish forever. We offer trips throughout the year. Volunteering in Jamaica provides an opportunity to undoubtedly educate, and provide resources that will help a people in need. Come with us and experience the intangible feeling that sets Jamaica apart.

Experience Jamaica through a different lens


Undeniably, Jamaica is an island rich in beauty known for its vibrancy, diversity, reggae music, beautiful beaches, mesmerizing waterfalls, lush oceanic views, and an array of adventures. In the crevices of Jamaica’s beauty is disproportionate wealth with a staggering amount of poverty. Our group trips give you the chance to explore this island of beauty and see the unseen. This purpose built opportunity will allow us to improve the conditions in the people lives. Partnering with us allows you to have a comprehensive eye examination of this colorful nation. With its unrelenting strength, this county generates pride and courage that can be felt tremendously among all its visitors.