Impact Jamaica is driven to immensely inspire, empower, and invigorate the lives of natives living in Jamaica. We use quality resources for the improvement of societal and economical conditions.


Jamaica releases an energetic vapor that is felt world wide through its culture and music. It is the island of rhythm and the island of sway with an unrelenting history. In many areas, the children and adults lack some of the basic needs and safe living conditions. Our direction is to bring inspiration and innovation to as many people as imaginable.

Impact Jamaica, in its embryonic stages, a year ago found itself helping those in need by way of buying families grocery, generously helping strangers and random children in need. The infectious gratitude and intense feeling of joy compelled Impact Jamaica to create a bigger impact. In February of 2019, Impact Jamaica Organization was birthed.

Not only is this My Passion, This is My Purpose
— Impact Jamaica Founder, K. Winns


Our vision is to massively impact every parish in Jamaica. We move forward with the desire and intent to ameliorate the conditions of their society by continuous service, support and donations. We envision collaborating with other organizations, businesses , entrepreneurs, and all academic institutions. Impact Jamaica will strive to be the bridge of support for Jamaica natives.



Impact Team


K. Winns
Founder  +


Jason McDowell
School Outreach Coordinator


Darius Lamar
Group Coordinator + Security